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Divorce Lawyers Melbourne is an Australian legal firm located in Melbourne that practices solely with Australian law related divorce cases. Divorce Lawyers Melbourne is accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria, Australia. This Legal Counseling and Advice Service provides its clients with all the required information and services in respect to resolving marriage related disputes. Divorce Lawyers Melbourne has many areas of specialization including, but not limited to, family law, criminal law, corporate law, real estate and trusts, child custody and support, tax and other laws, residential real estate law and international relations.

Divorce Lawyers Melbourne

One can seek advice and assistance from Divorce Lawyers Melbourne whenever one or both of the following scenarios are likely to occur. When a marriage is ending; there may be assets that are not legally separated. This is when a couple is no longer living together and one wants to separate assets. There could also be children that have been born out of a relationship and parents do not wish to continue the relationship.

There are also circumstances where a couple wishes to separate after living together for a long time. This separation should be amicable and it should end amicably without resorting to a divorce. A lot of money and time will be saved if the marriage can be repaired and both parties are willing to work together to fix the marriage. It is important that the spouse who wants a divorce not be allowed to bring their lawyer with them. Only the Divorce Lawyer will have the right to make decisions about the separation of assets, liabilities and children during the divorce.

In order to start the divorce proceedings, one has to fill in a marital separation form. This is usually available at the local court house. Once you have filed the divorce application, the court will issue a Divorce Certificate. If there is no matrimonial settlement agreement, the Melbourne Magistrates Court will issue a No Win No Fee divorce agreement. These are the best divorce lawyers Melbourne can use to get the fair settlement that they want with the spouse that they wish to end their marriage.

The next step is for the partner filing for divorce to contact their Australian Divorce Attorney. This is to request legal advice and assistance with making a joint application for all relevant properties and liabilities. When considering assets and liabilities, both parties need to decide what is more important, which is joint ownership of assets, or the total amount of assets and liabilities that will be divided. After the legal advice is provided and an application made, the Marriage Registry office will provide a certified copy of the application. The Marriage Registry is the place where all official records are kept and the records will reflect the name, birth date, place of marriage and other relevant information regarding the marriage. Once the documents are received by the Court Clerk, they will continue this process until all paperwork has been received and processed.

Once the paperwork has been received, the Clerk of Court will give the divorcing spouses a time frame in which they have to come before the court to make their joint application for a divorce. This time frame is called an uncontested divorce. If both parties agree on all terms of the divorce, then this will be an uncontested divorce. The divorce will be considered final once all the paperwork has been received and approved. Once the divorce is finalized, then either party may file for a divorce lawsuit against the other party.

There is a chance that the spouse who wants to file for divorce will need some financial help after going through the divorce process. It’s not uncommon for an individual or couple to file for bankruptcy in order to get out from under all of the financial obligations that they have created during the marriage. If the spouse who is filing for divorce lives overseas, then they may also find themselves needing to apply for financial assistance from a different country. Many countries offer support for their citizens who have recently become divorced or separated and have children overseas.

Divorce Lawyers Melbourne deals with all types of divorce cases, including: prenuptial agreements, alimony, division of assets and liabilities, custody and visitation rights. For more information on all of the divorce topics that you may be interested in, visit Divorce Lawyers Melbourne. This professional law firm in Melbourne specializes in all areas of family law, including: Civil Law, Marriage and Family Law, Child Support, Divorce, Paternity, Adoption and Child Custody, and Commercial Law.

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