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Immigration Lawyer Melbourne

In Australia only eligible individuals, such as migration consultant & immigration attorney, who have formally registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority are legally allowed to offer advice on legal matters relating to immigration. Only Australian immigration lawyers are allowed to offer immigration advice. They also are only permitted to assist in the processing of immigration visas. Only an Australian immigration attorney or migration consultant is authorized to represent an individual during the visa application process.

There are many immigration lawyers & migration agents in Australia. However, finding a qualified one can be a daunting task for anyone who is seeking the appropriate representation. This is because it is not only a must to hire the right Australian immigration lawyer for you but also due to the prohibitively high price associated with such high-priced professionals. The Australian immigration law has made it compulsory for all the migration agents and lawyers to be licensed by the Migration Institute of Australia or IMIA. To be able to practice in the Australian immigration law, an agent is required to fulfill the following obligations.

Every migration assistance agent is expected to meet the following obligations when he or she offers any immigration lawyer consultation in respect of his clients. The first obligation is that he or she should undertake to personally discuss with each of his or her clients, their case details and the visa outcome. This discussion is to take place in person, via phone or in writing. Secondly, the agent is also obligated to clearly state all the fees associated with his service and what is expected of him. It is important that the migration lawyer clearly outlines the fee structure and what exactly will happen if the visa applicant does not proceed with the visa application.

Another obligation of a migration attorney or Australian immigration lawyer is to request the client to obtain permanent resident status on the applicant as soon as possible. This can only be done after the visa application has been approved and the fee has been paid. The applicant needs to understand that he or she can apply for Australian citizenship as soon as his or her visa application has been approved. Once the application for immigration has been approved, the applicant does not need to wait for several years before applying for citizenship. As soon as the visa application has been approved, then the applicant can already apply for citizenship. The applicant is obliged to follow the same process once he or she becomes a permanent resident of Australia.

In order to help the client decide whether to proceed with his or her visa application or not, the migration agents are supposed to provide guidance to the client. This guidance should be based on the client’s current financial situation. The Australian immigration law stipulates certain conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to have a chance of approval of the visa outcome. These conditions relate to the period of stay in Australia, the number of children, age and gender. The migration agents must provide the client with information on the visa outcome after the decision has been made. The Australian immigration lawyer will provide the client with all the necessary assistance to make an informed decision.

If the client is eligible for a visa but is nevertheless not permitted to remain in Australia due to some serious criminal offenses, then deportation is the next option available to him or her. A person who seeks the services of an affordable cheap immigration lawyer will be able to choose this option if he or she is eligible for deportation. Australian immigration laws specify that the applicant for deportation must be a permanent resident of Australia. Otherwise, the person can only be removed on some serious criminal charges.

If an immigrant requires a visa, then the Immigration Lawyer Melbourne can help him or her to apply for an immigrant visa. In this case, the Immigration Lawyer Melbourne can help the client to apply for a visa under the Skilled Immigration Programs Act. The Immigration Lawyer Melbourne can also represent an individual or a company when it comes to registering for a migration scheme under the Family Migration Program. If the client has a Skilled Regional Sponsored visa, then he or she may also seek the services of an Immigration Lawyer Melbourne. The Skilled Immigration Programs Act states that the clients of the Australia registered migration agents must have an Australian work visa.

In any case, when you need to hire an Immigration Melbourne to assist you with an issue, do not forget to check their credentials. Remember that an Immigration Lawyer Melbourne can only provide you with assistance and not legal advice. Make sure that your immigration detention (if that is what you are going through) is an isolated one and that your Australian legal advisor will be able to address your concerns adequately and promptly. Only after you have checked up on your attorney’s credentials can you be certain that he or she will be able to handle your case appropriately.

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